5 important questions we recommend asking before hiring your builder

This is your dream pool and certainly an investment. So, it’s worth investing a little bit of extra time vetting out the right pool builder. Sure, there are many out there, but you want the one. The one who gets you and gets what you envision your pool will be. The one who you can be confident will get the job done, and get the job done right. Here are 5 important questions we recommend asking before hiring your builder. Of course, ask us…. ask away!

1. What’s your experience?
• How long has your company been in business in the area?
• How many pools have you installed since you began?
• What was business like last year? How many did you install?
• Are you a full-service builder? What areas of the build will you complete?

2. Who’s in charge?
Find out who supervises which phase of your build, and who will be your point person throughout the entire process. Who can you count on answering any questions you may have during the process.

3. What’s the timeline?
Of course, no project is the same and all projects can have a need for a change or an adjustment here or there. That’s perfectly normal. You need to at least have a plan in place and a targeted goal. So, it is important to confirm how soon your builder can start. If this is your ideal builder, chances are they are in demand and schedules can fill rather quickly. You will also want to have a good idea how long your installation is expected to last. Ask for a timeline, and if there will be ant expected accommodations you might need to make. (I.E Property access, water turn off/on, etc.) What initial requirements need attention, and who will be responsible for each (I.E electrical, plumbing, zoning, grading, etc.)? Be ready to plan and to be a part of the plan.

4. Check those references!
Not only ask your potential builder for contactable references on past projects but be ready to do a little recon yourself and read those reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask the potential builder about those reviews.

5. Quality work comes with quality product. Are the references provided to you singing praises on the products the builder used? How do they like the pool surface? Are they pleased with the decking? Are the products backed with warranty?

So, go ahead and ask the questions you need to ensure you get THE right one for you!

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