Making It Through Monsoon Season

It’s that time of year again. Here are just a few reminders to care for your pool during Monsoon Season:

Cover your pump and filter with tarp, or small cover structure. This will help protect your equipment from accumulating dust and sand particles in key crevasses. This will also protect from the desert sun, and extending the life of your equipment by two more years

Clear loose dirt from your decking and surrounding patio areas to prevent debris ending up in your pool.

Once the storm is over, start to clean up right away.  Clean out your skimmer and remove debris from the pool. Sediment builds quickly, so make sure you brush your pool well to give your cleaning / filtering system the chance to really do its job well.

Test your chemical levels and make sure our PH is well balanced.

Although not the case every time, backwashing may also be necessary so be sure to test your pump pressure.

If in extreme cases draining your pool is necessary, be sure to check with your individual community regulations. Here is some information we found shared by the Cities of Surprise and Gilbert.

Of course, seeking professional guidance is always a good thing, and we are certainly love being there to help. Give us a call anytime! 623-869-7777

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