Swimming Pool History

Did you know swimming pools date back as far as 2600 B.C.E? Yes, one of our favorite escapes from the summer Arizona heat has quite the history. Elaborate bathing sites, now recognized as the Great Baths of Mohenjodaro, were said to have first been constructed in Pakistan. These sites are thought to have been originally designed for use in religious ceremonies, but as time passed many found additionally valued uses.

In ancient Rome and Greece, swimming was not only a source of serenity, but included as part of the education of elementary age boys. The Romans built the first swimming pools (separate from bathing pools) for this purpose. Quickly the swimming pool began to evolve, and the first heated swimming pool was introduced in the first century BC. Built by a wealthy Roman lord named Gaius Maecenas, it measured at 12 by 7 metres (39 by 23 feet). Wow, that must have been quite the pool!

But it wasn’t until the mid 1800s that swimming pools really took stride in popularity. London England lead the charge, building six of the first indoor pools. Soon to follow the popularity of swimming grew, and in 1896 swimming races were added to the Olympic games.

Now swimming pools are not only used for recreational swimming and for sport, but for physical rehabilitation. According to Answers.com. Arizona alone has approximately 615,000 swimming pools to date.






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